Thailand becomes my next tourism destination to spend leisure time on the end of year 2019. My friends and I in total of 6 people are travelling together during one week holiday vacation. Previously, many doubts are concerning to where should go for sure. In short, it finally comes to a big deal, instead of searching some trip discounts, we got locked destination referring to Thailand. Why should be Thailand?

Thailand becomes fantastic country whoever intends to travel outside of country for the sake of having enjoyable time with friends or family. No worries, especially for Indonesia citizen, you do need to take a cost for visa. That will absolutely free of charge at all. The thing is just preparing the amount of money for your airfare and daily needs.

Starting form Mangalore, Nauval, my roommate and I took a sleeper bus heading to Bangalore at 15th. At meeting point, Bangalore Airport, we had been on team trip with others coming from Hyderabad and Bangalore itself. Basically, this trip has been planned so many weeks ago to decide. Hence, we have already one fully preparation. We started our vacation and have just stepped on Thailand at Monday, 16th December 2019 lately night. Bangkok, as the biggest city in Thailand, centered us to walk around.

In Bangkok, we were excited with artistically fantastic buildings and Buddha temples as the iconic tourism destination of any foreigners around the globe who visiting there. At the first day, we visited to “Wat Arun Temple”. One of several tourism destination lists hat should be spotted as memorable moment to visit. This basically formed as a part of several statues arranged and constructed within upward steps and each corner of building was wrapped by decorated white glare milestones. Briefly, this temple are on highly decorated view along with artistic ornament sticking around on it. To go there, we have to get the boat and drive heading to the spot location. So, mostly our trips are based on boat transportation because one place to another place are accessible by crossing the river.

Wat Arum Temple, Thailand

Being well known as the cheapest selling, we come to see “Traditional Market” recommended by our Thai friend as the shopping center within low-budget-price. Undoubtedly, I bought 3 pieces of clothes made from Thailand originally. What a pity my money is decreasingly running out!

We visited also “Sleeping Buddha” as one of biggest religious Buddha statue. Unfortunately, the gate was closed so that’s why we were unable to see inside the statue. Even, the entry ticket was actually costly for each person. Finally we moved to culinary trip. When the one comes to Thailand, they must try at least Thai Tea and also Tom yam. Tom yam, one of the most wanted culinary exclusively from Thailand, should not be left it behind to visit Thailand. As the foreigner, it is compulsory to taste Tom Yam directly cooked by the cooks in restaurant.

In addition, seafood is no exception to taste without doubt. In Thailand, you may find many kinds of seafood culinary within different dish and serving types. It is superbly easy to find various tourism restaurants which serves a number of different plate of shrimps, shells, prawns, crabs, and other options. One of the best elite restaurant is located in Asiatique, Bangkok, Thailand.

Frankly speaking, visiting Thailand is no worth to spend and enjoy your holiday there for some days or even multiple weeks. A country which is well known by several historical buildings, various ancient states and inheritances, even many more. Walking around all parts in Thailand only one week is absolutely not enough. The visitors should leisure more than available time to have a fabulous trip in Thailand.

Best regards, @danang_dann