For the common teachers, Prezi is rarely used for teaching instead of power point as the presentation tools. Prezi itself has been encountered lately than power point as the a new tool in bringing such a presentation more interactive and appealing with various flying slides in which the material items could be zoomed  in  or out  in  the presentation  display.  This software is considered to highlight the core point of material visually in a well-designed form better than power point. As like what Clark says that “Using power point typically fails to capture the students’ interest and/or to excite them. It no longer works as a tool to engage the students in your lecture unless it involves more sophisticated elements such as movement” (Clark, 2008, p. 39).

As the comparison reflected to Prezi, Anderson (2012, p.14) says that

The use of Prezi can enhance the effectiveness on delivery of information in the mind map form. In essence, mind mapping is a way of spreading your ideas out onto a piece of paper or any canvas available instead of just writing a very dull (and linear) list of what’s needed in Prezi presentation.

It reviews that Prezi is able to be synchronized with mind mapping form as the assistance to spread and expand the information from the presentation and then pour it into a piece of paper in which the ideas is interlinked each other. The use of the synchronization between Prezi and mind mapping benefits to the students to display the idea or thought into the text in easy and well-organized ways.

In addition, as the complement materials, the researcher also provides other media namely graphic organizers to strength how far influence the mind mapping technique collaborated with prezi presentation and graphic organizer together in improving the student’ writing mastery. Meyen, Vergason & Whelan (1996, p.12) highlight that graphic organizers are “Visual displays teachers use to organize information in a manner that makes the information easier to understand and learn”. It is such a simple way to convey the information in organized steps.

Therefore, based on the explanation above, the writer would like to propose a project entitled “THE INFLUENCE OF MIND MAPPING TECHNIQUE, PREZI PRESENTATION SOFTWARE AND GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS TO ENHANCE THE STUDENTS’ WRITING MASTERY” as the teaching and learning assistance for the English teacher in line with globalization modern era by using Computer Software Application for improving the intermediate students’ writing capability.

Danang Sigit Widianto _ Project Maker (Post Graduate Student in Mangalore University, India)