Being an educators as like teachers, lectures and other professionals, are demanded to have a creative way to share the knowledge to the students. It is undeniable some of them are still applying conservative ways in various teaching methods. Days by days the students absolutely will have boredom if the educators don’t move to millennial and advance level of the way how they teach. Now, remember! There are number of innovative and integrative learning strategies both offline and online classes. Here, as a matter of main topic, I will strictly bold the explanation and urgency of online class as the most-update and effective ways in teaching process.

First, online class seems having more interactive and easy in use for both side, teachers and students. Basically, the teacher only need an application tool to bridge the topic and materials given. However, most the application ought to need an internet connection to run the program well, still even the connection depends on low or rapid speed in which becomes the general issues on the users.

We might see the current educational condition has been suspended for a while regarding to avoid the spread of corona virus (covid19) outbreak, no exception to Indonesia. It effects to the educational fields in Indonesia which the government announced to do daring or online learning conducted at home only.

Secondly, it could be a new wave transition for those never applied online learning system neither teacher nor students. It is rarely to use online class to conduct the classroom learning. Now, as the cause of epidemic corona virus, it comes to appear that Indonesian government has already announced to apply online class room management in 3-week-offline of real class. In my opinion, this is a wise decision in the middle of spreading corona virus while the learning and teaching are still in related to continue ongoing process without exception.

There are a great number of online meeting applications which can be used for face-to-face learning connected to internet. Three of the most-used one is shown below.

  1. Zoom
  2. Skype
  3. Google Meet
  4. Youtube Streaming via StreamYard, etc

Here we go. I will point out my personal interest toward the four-listed optional applications above. The most used one is zoom, instead of Skype, Google Meet, and Youtube. Based on my self- experience when settling up online classroom, I prefer to use Zoom in some comparisons and easy-hand usages. The first is lying on the member capacity, zoom here is much winner than Skype because it can load and occupy up to 100 members in one meeting room, instead Skype is only limited for 50 members. The next is how to register for the first user for both application. Zoom absolutely provides easy signing up within the short process rather than Skype where you should confirm your email, and then allowed to create an account. In addition, Zoom will record your meeting and automatically convert it into video which is applicable to upload in Youtube or others.

However, Zoom in fact has some weakness onto users. For instance, it only give 40 minutes limited-duration of each meeting as free use.