English is one of the lessons that are commonly avoided by many learners because English cannot be studied instantly. It needs high concentration to master English education. The last exam of nationality uses English and it emphasizes grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking to get the standard of passing the final test nationality. The learners think that English is more elaborate than other subjects. No exception for doing TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), many students are commonly having some difficulties in taking the test.

The aim of the learning English process is to comprehend the students’ competence and skill in English, both written and spoken, which purpose to gain the level of functional literacy. Practically, TOEFL, as a part of the English exam to examine the students’ capability, becomes a great component to enhance the awareness of students on English topics about how important to learn and improve English in order that compete and upgrade their communication skills as challenged steps in international scope. Hence, TOEFL is primarily being an international examination to test students’ English proficiency. Next, it pops up in our mind the question of why we should learn about TOEFL.

TOEFL which stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language is a type of test organized by institutions in the United States called as ETS or Education Testing Service. The existence of TOEFL is able to ascertain several things as follows:
1. Make sure the students can understand the words in English professionally.
2. Able to write using good and correct English, especially for students, whose ability is importantly needed for making scientific works.
3. Can understand several books by analyzing the main idea in the context of use.

In this globalization era, TOEFL is primarily essential in the scope of English tests because it is a general requirement when you want to apply for overseas scholarships or work requirements in many companies. The student’s ability to work on the TOEFL must also be trained from now on. This is very important to be able to work on the problem when the test is later. TOEFL itself is divided into 4 parts of questions to examine, there are structure, listening, writing, and reading comprehension. In this paper, the researcher will focus on the case or problem of structure and written expression.

When learning English, mastering grammar is one of the main requirements so that you can master English properly and correctly. Even all will be in vain if you don’t learn grammar. It’s actually fun and boring when learning grammar depending on how. If you can package it in the right way, learning grammar can be very fun. But the fact is that until now there are many students who think that learning English grammar is difficult. Some even feel confused about the number of grammar formulas. So as not to be boring, it can be done by changing the mindset if learning grammar is easy and not boring. When thoughts like this have been planted in your subconscious, you will naturally become motivated and always want to try to learn grammar. One of the ways to do this is by using an Android application the learning assistance, called Quizizz.

English Grammar

Grammar is a collection of rules about the structure of language. This collection of rules commonly contains a set of structured rules that govern the arrangement of sentences, phrases, and words in any language. A renowned expert on Grammar, Greenbaum (1996: 25) defines Grammar as below: “In the concrete sense of the word grammar, a grammar is a book of one or more volumes. We of course also use grammar for the contents of the book. When we compare grammar for their coverage and accuracy, we are referring to the contents of the book: grammar is a book on grammar, just as a history is a book on history.”

In addition, Michael Swan (2005) also adds the definition of Grammar as the term that refers to the study of such rules, and this field includes morphology, syntax, and phonology, often complemented by phonetics, semantics, and pragmatics. Linguists do not normally use the term to refer to orthographical rules, although usage books and style guides that call themselves grammars may also refer to spelling and punctuation.

Related to those definitions above, it is concluded that Grammar can therefore be understood as a resource people make use of to create discourse that is grammatically appropriate at both the level of the sentence and the text. While vocabulary can be thought of as the units that describe people and places, concepts, topics, states, events, relationships, and actions, grammar can be thought of as the resources we use to package words into sentences and texts according to the grammatical conventions of our language.

TOEFL of Structure & Written Expression

TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. It is a proficiency test used to measure a person’s English language skills without being directly related to the teaching and learning process. Thus the TOEFL is different from the achievement test, which is a test whose scope of testing is limited to the material students have learned in an English class. The TOEFL includes four aspects, namely (1) Listening Comprehension, (2) Structure and Written Expression, (3) Reading Comprehension, and (4) Test of Written English (TWE).

This section deals with grammar or we might say structure and written expression. It examines the student’s ability to understand English grammar and expressions that are common in the written language of English. In addition, this section also requires the students’ capability to use and find out where the errors of the phrase or grammar are while connecting to the appropriate words to fill the blank space.

To assist the students in enhancing their skill of recognizing the words or sentences, they need media as the teaching assistance along with appropriate materials with an interesting topic, to recognize unfamiliar words, or even difficult forms of word structures so that it can improve students’ understanding in structural grammar itself. The appropriate materials for common students can be applied to the media in teaching English as many teachers have already accustomed to it for teaching practice through modern technology. Generally, the media should be able to have easy concepts followed smoothly regarding the student’s abilities.

3. Media in Teaching English

a. The Definition of Media

According to Kavaliauskiene (2008:11), media is a tool of communication used for conveying and delivering the message (information) between the messenger and receiver. Media reflects everything that can be used to deliver the message and the sender to the receiver, as the purpose is to stimulate brains, feelings, concerns, and interests as well as the student’s attention such that the learning process takes place effectively and efficiently as the teacher expected.

This means that, in a recent era, somebody can’t get rid of using media as a tool of communication, connecting each other in a simple and applicable user face. This has been a common phenomenon since the media contributes an influence on social life. However, it takes a part also in education scope. In learning, the using of media has been a particular additional tool to assist some teachers in conveying their own ideas in class. As a result, students also get an interesting method to follow the explanation. However, this can be an effective tool to boost and increase student’s mood.

From the definition above, we know that media are grown by technology, and now we can find it in many sources. Media is an important thing in the teaching and learning process. It can set the level of students’ interest in a lesson. In this case, the researcher will introduce the media by using an Android Application called Quizizz. Below is some at-glance information as related:

b. Quizizz
Generally, English teaching media is dedicated as a very important tool to help the students acquire some new methods of language skills and language competencies. Using education software in Android, the teacher also can apply games as learning assistance which is still inserted by the material topics.

Games are typically characterized by curiosity, expectation, control, and interactive features, which can increase learners’, learning interest and intrinsic motivation (Lim, Nonis, & Hedberg, 2006). Quizizz is categorized as an Android game application synchronized by several questions along with a soft-easy catching interface to motivate the students’ interest. This includes the form of educative online games which can boost the students’ attention to do any kind of assessment or event assignment provided by the teacher.

Glandon and Ulrich (2005) mentioned that one advantage of using Games as a teaching strategy is that students have opportunities to immediate feedback through the discussion and correct answers to their rationales, However, According to some researchers said that digital games-based learning, Learners are willing to overcome difficult challenges to gain a sense of achievement.

Quizizz is an online assessment tool as a fun multiplayer classroom activity that allows all students to practice together with their computer, Smartphone, and IPad. The main purpose of this research is to evaluate the effective interest of students in TOEFL Online classes by implementing Quizizz as a game-based learning toward teaching TOEFL structure basic skills.

In brief, some points have already been presented in this research focusing on the implementation of Quizizz as the Android Application used in conducting the research about the TOEFL test in relation to written and expression skills among the participants of Indonesian students from various background levels. In addition, they have also different purposes what extent they should join the class. However, as reflected in the objectives of the research, the researcher finally would like to conclude the closure likely below:

  1. The application of Quizizz meets effectively the usage and benefit to find out the significant effect of the implementation of Quizizz Application (through Android Apps) for honing Students’ TOEFL Structure Basic Skill in online class students.
  2. The application of Quizizz can be proven as one of the tools assistance in learning and teaching to know the effectiveness of implementing Quizizz Application (through Android Apps) for honing Students’ TOEFL Structure Basic Skills of online classes students. It can be shown from the results of the questionnaire answers for the students’ positive responses after joining the class of TOEFL Online.In conclusion, among all results of the research, the implementation of the Quizizz Application (through Android Apps) for honing students’ TOEFL Structure Basic Skills in online class students greatly affects the students’ interest in studying more about structure and written expression as the preparation before taking a test of TOEFL. This Quizizz app also proves an educative learning tool as the development of teaching assistance is categorized as a game-based learning strategy. However, it is essential to apply this app to improve the students’ structure capability towards preparing TOEFL test.