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As requested by numerous number of the students who have willingness to partake into Online Class and upgrade the building self-capacity in TOEFL, I briefly, as the tutor, confront to take over and handle the class through online learning and also several media for being the secondary support in boosting the program intensively. This class has been conducted as the formal cooperation along with Indonesia student organization in India or we called as (PPI India). Consequently, I form an endeavor to structure the concept of online class and integrate the learning module for those as the basic learners. So far, this class has been followed by Indonesian students from different various background, not only advance level of students but also intermediate or even beginner level evidently.

The candidate of students, as the requirements, should firstly register themselves through online form as the first step to join the class reflected on the deadline given by the committee. Afterwards, the committee of TOEFL online class will selectively opt the students among all registrants who are capable of attending the class actively and full of commitment. Instead, the students will be eliminated from the class as the risk and rule of punishment when being inactive or having no submissive towards the partaking class.

Related to the duration, this class will be conducted around one month starting from 15 April – 11 May 2019 along with 3 programs to foster the students’ capability in comprehending the topic of TOEFL structure in every week. The three intensive main programs are clarified below:

  1. Monday Happy Learning, conducted in every Monday at 21.00 WIB
  2. Wednesday QOTD (Question of The Day), conducted in every Wednesday at 21.00 WIB
  3. Saturday Online Meeting, conducted in every Saturday at 21.00 WIB

How to apply?

As already stated previously, the students should follow the registration link and fill the form before April, 14th 2019. It is obligatory that the student must be able to fill the form using email, Whatsapp number, Skype account ID, and also several questions to be answered in truth as the self-commitment and readiness.

What is the superiority of this class?

As the excess, this class surprisingly will have no cost to join or fully free. All students within various background are eligible to apply and attend the class through online till the end of learning. In brief, this class is so fully integrated as the basic concept learning and easy-understanding especially both the beginner and advance students.

In addition, the students also freely check the result out in every weekly progress, such as Exercise of Happy Monday Learning, Wednesday QOTD, and also Saturday Online Meeting via google spreadsheet provided by the tutor. So that, the students are able to take a look into their update score and how far their own self-developed capability in every week.

After being selected, the student nominated around 60 students participating into the class must take a part the first selection which is called as Pre Test conducted in april, 15th 2019 through Quizizz Application. Here is below the result of Pre-test.

Picture 1 : Pre Test Result Score

As the following-up guidance, the program also provides the feedback or even question built in Whatsapp group from all of the students in which is still synchronized regarding to the topic and main programs as the purpose to ease and reflect the deep understanding in every meeting. Next, let the tutor assist them in any matter of difficulty for sure. Furthermore, the Whatsapp group also function to inform the incoming program, remind the task and monitor the students’ progress.

Obligations of the students:

1. It is obligatory to take Pre Test & Post Test

2. It is obligatory to download & learn the material via the link provided by the Mentor.

3. It is obligatory to understand & work on the exercise questions in the handbook. (Exercise delivery deadline limit: every Friday at 24.00 WIB & submit to google form provided on the website)

4. It is obligatory to answer the Question of the Day QOTD given on Wednesday.

5. There are three times required to attend the Online Gathering for Material & Question Discussion (Saturday night), if the participant does not participate intensively, the committee will forcefully remove him/her from the class.

6. Every participant must post their own result of QOTD and Pre Test via Insta-story on Instagram account.

Monday Happy Learning

In this session, the students are required to download the weekly handbook from the given link. Next, they must do the exercise in google form still related to the topic discussion in the handbook.

QOTD (Question Of The Day)

Conducted in every wednesday, QOTD is fully accessed and shynchronized by using Quizizz application (available in playstore). The students is obliged to join into the QOTD quiz and do answering all 10 questions.

Here is the steps to do using Quizizz application:

Picture 2 : The Guideline of Using Quizizz (part 1)
Picture 3 : The Guideline of Using Quizizz (part 2)

Furthermore, in QOTD session, seemingly like a competition, the students are having a game based learning to answer 10 question along with limited time 60 seconds and able to see the live score through leaderboard application which purposed to win out being the first rank within highest scores among all competitors.

Picture 4 : Live Score of QOTD (Question Of The Day

Online Meeting

To know whether the students comprehend the topic in handbook or find any difficulty to ask, the tutor also provides Online Meeting conducted on Saturday night around 21.00 WIB. It assists perfectly their misunderstanding about the topic, exercise, or even other general task in trouble. The online meeting is accessed through Skype along with 1 hour duration.

Picture 5 : Online Meeting via Skype

Post Test

As the last progress, the students also need to complete their last task partaking into Post Test in May, 11th 2019 (based on timeline schedule) to find the result progress during learning in TOEFL Online Class. They will use the same way of Quizizz application like previously in Pre Test based on the rules. So far, this is below the last fabulous result of the students.

Overall, TOEFL Online Class has already given the best service to the students allowing them to do some programs, such as Happy Monday learning, QOTD (Question of the Day), and also Online Meeting as the purpose to boost their ability into conquering TOEFL Test. Fantastically, this program  has obtained amount of positive responses from the students fully participating into the class. They feel addictive, engaged and so much interested in gorgeous learning TOEFL for sure.

Hopefully, this kind of program organized by Indonesia student organization in India or (PPI India) at least can give more motivation for all students to enjoy TOEFL materials based on game learning and always boost the students’ self-capability.

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