It has been long, a story of my education life pursues my Master Degree to study abroad in India since July 2018. Bundle of experiences and lots of unforgettable memories had settled on my life as being an International students. I am really amazed with Gandhi Land, India. This country leads me into multiple understanding about how the cultures, tradition, castes, and other various uncountable uniqueness inside.

“Why do you choose to study in India, isn’t the quality of education in India the same as Indonesia, in fact we can be better?” or others said , “Is it worth to study in India, why not in America, Europe, Japan, Australia, or other developed countries?”
Maybe that’s the question that comes to our minds when we hear someone inviting us to study in the country of Bollywood, India.

But did you know that:
• 30% of doctors in the United States are native Indians who have graduated from medical schools at Indian universities;
• 30% of employees / employees of Microsoft, Bill Gates’ largest software company in the world, are native Indians who have graduated from Indian universities and institutes of technology;

The view of our society towards high school (college) is not the least that leads to prestige. In fact, studying abroad is now more directed at need than just prestige. Without undermining the quality of education in the country, the quality of education that is more advanced and convincing encourages people to migrate far away to other countries to gain knowledge.

The description of studying abroad is expensive. However, let’s look at India. An ex British colony with enormous potential and adhering to the education system in the UK, India leads to be one of the countries producing the most doctorates in the world every year, even at a relatively low cost. In 2005 & 2006, universities in India were ranked in the top 200 of the world’s best universities (Times Higher Education), namely the Indian Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Management, and Jawaharlal Nehru University. In addition, the All Indian Institute of Medical Science (Al-IMS) has gained global recognition as a leading institution in research and nursing. Education in India is always monitored by institutions such as UGC, NACC, AIU. They always carry out research and equalize educational standards so that their education is not inferior to other countries’ quality.

Moreover, the language of education in India is English which is often called the language of the millennium. From the lowest level to college, all speak English. So don’t be surprised if you pass LKG (Low Kindergarten or small zero kindergarten in Indonesia), the children are already bilingual in Hindi and English.

The New Delhi-based ICCR offers full scholarships to international students include Indonesia. The scholarship is a guarantee of living costs (meals, housing), research fees, medical expenses, study visas and study fees while in India. There are also study tour tickets to the states in India every year. For complete scholarship registration information, please visit the following link: http://a2ascholarships.iccr.gov.in/

So, India is a very promising place for those of you who want to study and gain knowledge. On the other hand, this country also offers amazing tourist destinations, one of which is the Taj Mahal, as one of the wonders of the world, in Agra, the Golden city in Jai salmer, Mysore Palace and several other tourist attractions. Even Indonesian students can also learn about culture, traditions and enjoy a very diverse range of Indian specialties. One word for this country. Fantastic. Finally, there is nothing wrong glancing at this country as a goal to continue studies with quality education that cannot be underestimated. I hope this article is useful. Amen.