Being mind-exhausted on the final semester exam December 2018, summoning me to obligatorily spend leisure time on vacation, no exception for the student like me. Purposing to enjoy the time on short holiday should be prioritized in a quality way of having a relaxation, somehow. In fact, it was about to come in the winter season happening in December, last year.  Deeply asking on myself, what is the best part of India which showing the snow? Digging some observations and suggestions, the most common answer is Shimla and Manali regarded as the outstanding view to enjoy winter season.

As the Mangalore student, located in the southest India, this wil be likely a rare opportunity to go around in winter season located in north India. Anyway, letting ou know more, the distance between Mangalore is crazily far away from the point of my boarding place. The trip by train should be length for 2 days 1 night, stuck on it. It must be terrible to say, dude! What a boredom I felt. But, life must go on, never try, never know!

Mangalore Squad

Finally my friends and I decide to go vacation in Shimla and Manali along with a bunch number of people around 8 members (Dann, Jemmy, Ramadhan, Andreas, Alfin, Dessi, Elis, & Sella) on one package trip. Frankly speaking, this is a trip which has been planned ad arranged in collaborated with the travel agent of to serve and guide our trip in total of 5 days. We briefly couldn’t manage it well without having any assistance.

I myself came along with Alfin from Mangalore on 22 December 2018 and started the trip using bus to Bangalore train station to go through the long journey of 2 days. It literally exhausted and filled full of boredom to say in the cabin of the train. In short, after taking many hours, we finally arrived at Nizamuddin train station, Delhi. Our trip seems don’t have any stop for taking a rest. We must be able to reach the destination place still around in Delhi as the purpose to spend time when we are still in Delhi. What is the most visited and favorite place in Delhi? Yup, it is Tajmahal. The day after, we will come to see one of the historical heritage buildings in the world. Wait a minute. How about the nightly accommodation? Just relax and take it easy. Fortunately we have been welcomed by Mas Agus Aufiya, Indonesia students on JNU, Jawaharlal Nehru University. I tried to reach him told me stay relaxing and resting the tiresome for one night only. Overall I say, Alhamdulillah, all is well. (adopted from 3 idiots movie).

Snow in Manali, India

The next journey begins. Feeling curiosity how wonderful Shimla & Manali it is!

Previously, I thought the distance between New Delhi & Shimla is not really far. Seemingly when I went to Jakarta to Bogor during short day of trip. In fact, it shockedly took very long duration almost 20 hours to pass through. Well, its gonna be my long trip in my life, hopefully it’s only once, not anymore. During the trip, we had surprisingly been exhibited an overlooked by view parts of beautiful nature from right & left side onto the car window because it is the only way we could see the insight at glance. There were various ravines, greenny sloping riverbank, or even mountain side. None of us could skipped the fabulous scenery both documented in recording videos and photos.

4 January – Shimla (foto bawa bendera) We were in Shimla pupolarized as a place where 3 idiots movie had been produced. The low temperature around minus 2 has been stung on skin, it means we should be able to provide a thick jacket to keep warming anytime. About views, we foud lots of landscape scenery on hills horizontally along with some structured village houses. It’s so fantastic view! To redure our tiresome, it is highly recommended for us to stay one night in Shimla before going to next destination, Manali, for the longer trip later on.

In 6 January 2019, In the morning, the bus was ready to welcome Manali. It took around 6 hours to go. What?! Yups, it’s very true for having this journey. Finally, we have arrived in Manali and seemingly the snow atmosphere has come around us. Wonderfully, It was my first-ever-time to see how incredible of snow it is! My mouth became so numb and soon being impressively aggressive to enjoy lots of snow hanks and piks on narrow hills. We arrived in Manali, a place which is well known as the favourite place for spending a leisure time in winter season.

Welcome winter, time for having fun with snowman !!!

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