Bangalore palace becomes my next tourism destination as a part of jurney on #increddibleindia. My intuition, the one who recently addicted to seek for any kinds of historical views such as monuments or even palaces got me to attract and explore various “Instagram-able” shots of the objected location. Still, instead of being a student trying to escape from boredom life, it is undeniable to have a trip around this incredible country, isn’t it!?

My trip has been routed to Karnataka as one of the biggest state in India within its various tourism place which I could not supposed to seek around all areas one by one. In Karnataka itself, there were several kinds of palace positioned in Bangalore and Mysore as one of big cities, where both of them are neighbor of Mangalore, my local place. However, this newest post will direct to Bangalore palace, located in Bangalore.

The distance between Mangalore and Bangalore is about 351,8 km (7 hours) by bus. I usually take a sleeper bus started at night 10 PM and arrived at Bangalore at 5 AM early morning. The thing I heard about Bangalore from any of my friends’ suggestion to visit is Bangalore palace itself. No worries, it becomes the central most-visited-place in Bangalore. Well, even it is well known as Electronic city, Bangalore actually hides the beautiful views of palace in midst of big city in Karnataka state. Not only known as developed city in Karnataka, but it also serves a lot of tourism destination as well for worth-visiting in especially holiday moments.

Bangalore Palace

Once you visit it, you have to pull the ticket around Rs.140 per person. Is it affordable, right? Yeah. Basically there will be differentiation between foreigners and local people, but it doesn’t go a rule for this palace. If you hold purple bracelet, you are allowed to take any spotted pictures around palace, inverse you are not allowed to take even single picture if you are holding pink bracelet. All visitors are welcomed to see the most beautiful palace in Bangalore.

Hence, the palace is able to be compared with Mysore palace in the form of how big and large it is. Still, Mysore is better than it, according to my opinion. It seems more artistic, fame, and luxurious from the building point of view. (You may see the comparison from my previous post in this blog). Somehow, Bangalore palace is one of recommended place to visit when coming to Karnataka, India. So, what are you waiting for, dude?

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