Mysore Palace

As one of adorable attractively plan to leisure my whole holiday is going through Mysore as the best choice. Located still in State of Karnataka, Mysore becomes the most visited place as it is mostly well-known for its several tourism destination. However, the great number of foreigners come to see amount of historical and artistic buildings such as Hindu or Buddha temples, artistic palaces, historical monuments so on and so forth.

Basically, Mysore becomes a-must-visit tourism destination for those who want to spend a part of leisure time to go. Generally speaking, as well-arranged plan, it has been arranged to go which I start my journey from Mangalore to Mysore which takes a trip around 5 hours by bus. I put on a promise to see my old friends who never meet at sight since we first time drop on arrivals in India. Yups, you may call him Ryno, an Indonesian student in Dravidian University. As planned previously, we are basically going to travel around in Mysore to seek out among all beautiful places there. Money? Absolutely it will spend out amount of great financial. Both of us have no objection about this case likely it seems no priority to think on mind for a while. At least we could find what it is called as a happiness and enjoyable trip. One thing that we feel our trip is because of well-arrangement between us, such as creating whatsapp group (even the number of participants is only 2 people) which manage and supervise our budget to be added during the trip. I am intense to find out this simply management trip form Ryno because he is such a best tour guide along the trip.

Location : Philomena, Mysore

Some destination places that we already steeped on during 3 days 2 nights are likely: Mysore Palace, Lalitha Mahal Palace, Jagan Mohan Palace, Folklore Museum, Philomena’s Church, and also Melody Wax Museum. Nevertheless, all mentioned previously ain’t covered us through the day of journey as the limited time. However, I am bigoted to have some other days of vacation to catch various numbers of tourism destination for next trip, somehow.

Briefly to conclude, Mysore is one of tremendous tourism city to visit during holiday in India. It is clean city, affordable accommodation, and also highly recommended to say longer there for more than one week. Interested? Why not. You must be exuberant at least.

Best regards, @danang_dann