Since i was child, my teacher in the level of junior high school firstly introduce and primarily explain to me about the number of seven wonders in the world. Those are 1) The Great Wall of China 2) Petra in Jordan 3) Christ the Redeemer in Brazil 4) Machu Picchu in Peru 5) Chichén Itzá in Mexico 6) Coosseum in Rome, Italy 7) Taj Mahal, India. That’s totally engaged me to be more curious and even having more highly intention for sometime i could visit one of them.

Keep on the proverb “Dreams come true”, magically it happens to me as an ordinary person being a less-capability, finally I can reach my dream to gain the scholarship in India for persuing the next education level of Master Degree. And one of the all things i want to do is seeing the phenomenal building of Taj Mahal, India. Shortly, it surely unbelievable to come in the area of Taj Mahal in this winter on 2nd of Januari 2019.

Taj Mahal, January, 2nd 2019

Visiting one of the seven wonders in the world seems like unpredictable moment to see how beautiful the sense of Taj Mahal both inside and outside. At the first coming, i totally saw good looking of its building as seen as full of the decorated architecture sensationally. Generally speaking, it’s such as incredible wonders as selected among the seven for being the most visited monumental building for any tourist as the vacation destination.

At the end, loooking at this building I got my feeling as likely having the first sight in falling in love and needed t stay any longer to circle all parts of around this building. Believe me! One day is not enough to enjoy the fabulous day in Taj Mahal.

Best Regards,

Danang Dann